Pinpoint's vibration analysis services provide monitoring of motors, pumps, and other reciprocating and rotating equipment. Some common problems include:

  • shaft misalignment

  • pump cavitation

  • rotating imbalance

  • blade pass frequencies

  • gear mesh frequencies

  • natural frequency resonance

  • cracked/loose rotor bar issues

Motor Pump
Typical motor and pump system. Damaged bearing due to electrical fluting was found by using vibration analysis.
Bearing from motor, damaged from electrical fluting.
Vertical Mtr/Pmp
corrosion and misalignment
Damaged bearing: Corrosion and misalignment.
VA Spectrum
8.507g RMS spike
Vibration Analysis spectrum indicates 8.507g RMS spike at outer race.
Large Air Handler Unit motor/fan assembly.
Interface Box
Vibration Analysis interface box.
2.406g RMS spike
2.406g RMS spike and indications of bearing looseness.
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