Pinpoint Predictive Maintenance provides the following ultrasound services:

  • Compressed/Vacuum air and gas leaks

  • Steam traps/valves 

  • Gas compressor packages (cooling lines, valves, pumps, flanges, piping leaks)

  • Grease lubrication

  • Underground fluid leaks

  • Bearings, pumps, motors

  • Pump cavitation issues

  • Electrical arc flash prevention (arcing and tracking detection)

  • Corona (partial discharge)

Inspections are non-intrusive, and performed during production.

Ultrasound Instrument
UE Systems UP15,000 Ultrasound Instrument
Compressed Air Leaks
Checking compressed air system for leaks with Long-Range Module.
Leak Spreadsheet
Using my air leak cost estimator spreadsheet for reciprocating compressors.
Sub-station Corona Check
Using ultrasound for checking sub-station for corona discharge.
Electrical Arcing
Visual representation of electrical arcing in the ultrasound range of frequency.
Corona Damage
White area is the result of ionization due to corona discharge (basically...).
Electrical Arcing
Note: Ultrasound unit is further away from electrical equipment than appears in picture.
Tracking Damage
High-Voltage tracking damage.
Cornville Station
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